Monday, September 20, 2010

Look who's drivin...

Watch out Michigan! Taylor got her certificate for passing her driver's test today! She can officially head to Secretary of State and wait a few hours (hey Michigan is known for long lines at the DMV) and get her real license! There are a few restrictions though, like no driving between midnight and 5 am til she turns 17!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to school!

THis is another, just so I don't forget!
Jack was very excited, very very excited (did I mention very excited?) for school to come this year. Every day asking how many more days, and getting angry with me when it seemed like too much! Fast forward to night before school, where I tell Ella and Jack that the first number on the alarm clock HAS to be a 7 before they get up, and put them to bed around 7:15 pm. Jack comes down at 7:47 pm, yes, that night still, and tells me there is a 7 on Ella's alarm clock and he is ready to go to school. OH BOY! I don't even think he fell asleep cause I could hear a lot of movement up there! Silly boy!
Yes Ella's back pack does appear to be bigger then she is here, but it is only boxes of tissues in there, I swear! She wasn't going to tip over from the weight of her backpack!
Here are 3 out of 4 of the kids ready to go to school!

I missed family blogging!

My blog was originally for my family life, my original Chomas Creations! I used to go back and have my journaling already done for me, silly stories about the kids, watching them grow, things like that. Then scrapbooking and Chomas Creations took over! So here it is, the next blog to take over my family life!
Ella is officially 6! When did that happen? Well September 12th of course!
I can't believe it though. For her birthday we had Gramma Aggie and Grampa Al over, had a yummy BBQ, opened presents, ate cake and ice cream, another busy day! Here is my big 6 year old!

Ella's favs at 6
Fav book The butt book
Fav color- pink
Fav toy- Polly Pocket
Fav thing to learn- letters
Fav thing to do- play with my little brother
Fav show-i Carly
Fav movie- Barbies
Fav thing to sleep with- blanky & bunny
Fav food- stuffing
Fav game- V tech Smile